About us

MRG, The Real Estate Agency That Takes Care of You

With over $100 million in real estate sales and decades of experience, we premise our agency on 3 things:

Service | Standards | Success

Metropolitan Realty Group was founded in 2003 in the heart of Westwood during the early beginnings of Los Angeles’ booming real estate industry.  Since then, Metropolitan Realty Group has adapted itself to the fundamental transformations of the market and has demonstrated resilience when it comes to the ever-changing real estate landscape.  Our company has represented hundreds of buyers, sellers, and investors in achieving their goals while effectively negotiating some of the toughest deals throughout Los Angeles.

Metropolitan Realty Group premises itself on providing utmost service and standards, resulting in vast success for all of our clients.  The ultimate goal of all our agents is to provide a world class service to all our clients, whether they are buyers, sellers, or investors.  With over $100 million in real estate sales and decades of experience in the field, our acute expertise, tremendous real estate knowledge, and most importantly, integrity, have contributed to our prestigious reputation as a successful real estate agency in Los Angeles. 


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